Metronome Timer




A small digital metronome specially for musicians


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Metronome Timer is a simple metronome for the computer, with which you can adjust different basic paremeters like the number of beeps per second, or the time that you want it to sound.

As usual, the number of beeps per minute can be set between 30 (one every two seconds) and 240 (4 per second), although usually tempos of 120 or 116 (alegro) are used.

Another option is to play a sound when the timer is nearing the end. The sound reproduced will correspond with what is inside the folder, so that if you substitute it for another with the same name, you can change it.

Metronome Timer can be very useful for users that play music, and because it is very light, it does not need installation, and can be ran practically on any computer.
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